August 3, 2010

oh hello there!

this weekend was a lovely one...
it was a long weekend for us canadian folk & it couldn't have been better. i had a surprise visit from my friend megs & her boy brian on saturday night so we had some drinks & caught up...sunday richy & trisha came down for the day/night, trisha was getting a zen circle tattooed on her wrist from our artist/friend here in town, teddy then we hung out at the island and played drinking games at night (fun!) monday we went to the marina where we went for a boat ride, did some fishing, saw baby ducks & had an awesome meal by mikeys mum!

aren't they so so so cute?
i wanted to take one home!

the second mikey threw a piece of bread they came swimming over so fast, they must've been hungry!

my hairs getting so long!

trishas tattoo...
click to enlarge for better photo,
the detailing and precision are incredible.

colour swap feature...there was no purple.

this tree is perfect for climbing...
i plan to bring my book here sometime soon

overall a lovely & fun weekend!
i have a few letters & packages to send off today, as well as hit up the library for some books. tomorrow lianne and i are going on a bike ride to lakefield, it's a day trip and i'm really looking forward to it!!