August 17, 2010

so this one time, becky over at strumpets crumpets asked me to choose 4 colours that i really liked together & i had no idea what they were for...i had expressed interest in her granny square blankets in the past but never did i ever think that she would make one just for me, for no reason at all.
she is one of the sweetest girls i have ever 'met''s in quotations as we have never met in real life, just in the blogosphere but she is such a sweet gal. we email each other lots and i am so happy that she is a part of my life. sappy i know, and some people don't 'get' blog friends but it's a whole other world, isn't it guys?? one of my very bestest friends i met on the internet (other than mikey) i'm talking people i have never met in real life. i 'met' rosie when i was like 16 years old and here we are 8 years later and we still keep in touch like crazy and i tell her everything. it's nice having friends who don't know your 'real life' friends and won't be biased on something, an outside opinion...and at the same time i feel as though i can tell her everything because she is halfway on the other side of the world (or well, er...texas. close enough!) and i know that all of my secrets are safe with her.

anyway, what i'm getting at here is that just because you have never met someone and don't hangout with them on a regular basis does not mean that you don't know them personally and that they are any less of a friend then those you do see regularly. i cherish all of my friends, real life or internets :)