August 11, 2010

well, i know i haven't been 'back' for long but off i go again...busy busy busy lately. greyhound may be going on strike tonight at midnight so instead of going home friday for the weekend i will be going home tonight instead and therefore will be at home for the next 5 days. i'm looking forward to seeing friends, going for kyles birthday dinner at the keg friday, the backstreet boys concert on saturday night and then back to peterborough for a few days before i do it all over again next weekend. after that i'll be settled for awhile as school will be starting...which i am also super excited about!!
ta ta for now

" the only constant is change "

side note: i've been doing the 30 day shred jillian michaels dvd & love it. this is a great dvd for people who don't like the gym and who don't really enjoy working out...she packs a TON into the 20 minute workout and if you do it everyday (come on, you have 20 free minutes!) i'm sure it will bring big results like she has said on the dvd...i feel better already.