September 11, 2010

( etsy faves )

i haven't shared my favourite etsy finds here we are,
fall edition!
this is a pricey little bag but real leather & soooo nice!!

i'm in love with these...& they're even in my size!!

how lovely is this sweater??

i can't wait for it to get colder so i can start wearing the grey cowl i got last winter from jenloveskev...this cowl is equally as adorable & i love the fall colour; burnt orange, so pretty!

this mod little 60s dress is so great!!
i think needle felted designs are so neat; & this one is particularly adorable!

i really really want this jacket or something similar to it. i love the style! can't wait to start at h&m, i think they'll definitely have something similar there when i start at the end of september.

this unique lock & chain necklace; isn't it so original? & only $20!

these beautiful boots. i love the lace up detailing.

this gorgeous fall coloured needlework; sooo pretty. i would love this for my home.

last night i went out for a couple of hours but ended up coming home with mikey around 11.30 as i could barely keep my eyes open. the first week of school had me beat, that's for sure. i went to bed early & woke up feeling refreshed this morning. i feel like after this summer i'm kind of over drinking and going out. waking up on a saturday or sunday and not being hungover is such a good feeling that i like so much more than a good night out. this is not to say that i'm going to stop drinking or am never going out again (obviously) but i think i'll tone it down a notch and just enjoy a couple drinks...that way, no hangover & still fun & social; perfection.