September 2, 2010

( fakeblood )

for those wondering what all this fakeblood nonsense is about, have a listen to that (kind of annoying as there are radio rips throughout the first video...but you get the general idea, which is awesome btw) if you're into this kind of music (is it just me?) i would also recommend checking out the bloody beetroots, major lazer & steve aoki remixes. i totally get that this music is not for everyone so keep all negative thoughts to yourself, please&thankyou.

...and no 10am is not too early for this kind of music, haha!

another breakfast of eggo waffles this morning (l'eggo my eggo!) thanks to becky who, since posting about her morning breakfast of waffles has had me craving them! i finally gave in and bought some the other day, so here i am having me some waffles and wondering what today will bring...

ps: just like everyone else, i am so very excited that september is here!!