September 19, 2010

i love sundays.
they are especially nice when you wake up & not only is your lovely boyfriend there (which he always is) but your best friend is also in your apartment, asleep on your futon. al came to visit me yesterday night. one last visit (in ontario) before she leaves for B.C with her bf jamie to live, foreverrrrr!

last night we went for nachos & a beer and then hungout at teddys for a couple of hours and got something small & cute on our feet as matching best friend tattoos. this is something we've always kind of talked about and we thought right before she leaves for the other side of canada would be we did!

isn't it cute? it doesn't necessarily have any one particular meaning (though we have thought of a few) it's just a nice reminder of our friendship and knowing that we share this one thing together, for the rest of our lives. i'm going to miss her so much. we've never lived in the same town (except for when we lived together) but at least before it was always no more then a bus ride away and now it's a flight...or several days drive. i thought i could stay strong but the second she started driving away, i started crying. it's hard not knowing when you're going to see someone again. of course we will, i plan to visit BC as soon as i can but still, it's hard. knowing too that she's out there to live, forever, that it's not just a trip or something they are doing for a year or two. anyway, i know we'll always be close. we always have been no matter where we've lived.

we've been best friends since day one.