September 21, 2010

( sick )

i like this photo of me which was taken by julio campos a couple weekends ago...he does all of the photography at splice, the bar below our apartment that we frequent.
so today was good, other then the fact that i feel like complete and utter crap. mikey & i are both super sick; really sore throats (feels like razor blades everytime i swallow) a cough, sore achey body, sneezy, my head feels like it's literally about to's not even a headache, well it is but like the most intense headache ever as it's all over; just an all around crappy feeling. i hate that i am starting off my school year and new job feeling this way. emotionally i'm feeling the exact opposite, i'm feeling great about school so far, i'm realllllly excited to start at H&M (opening the store is going to be a really neat experience i think!) but right now my body is just shutting doesn't want to do annnnything.

i am thankful for alys mum diane who works for cadbury and sent me a bag full of mini bags to devour. well, it's bittersweet as i love mini eggs (who doesn't?) but i know i shouldn't be eating so many...
fuck it, ya only live once right?
so. please send positive, healthy vibes my way, i hate hate hate being sick and feeling useless! and i can't be sick...i have too much on my plate!