November 1, 2010

( hallowe'en )

mikey & i.
i was betty boop, he was tom hanks in castaway

this photo may be offensive to some, hilarious to others (including myself) my buddy steve worked for like 2 months on that bjork costume and that's elsa, as poison ivy.

el was mad max.

colin and mike (who is on dry wall stilts) was rob & big.

me as betty boop.

elsa, poison ivy.

mikey as tom hanks in castaway, richy was the guy from the life aquatic, tim was hello kitty (part of my costume from last year) and ben was a cuban refugee.

lianne as sally from nightmare before christmas (the dress i made for a costume a couple years ago)

carving the pumpkin

my festive front table.

hallowe'en was a blast and we paid for it the next day, luckily we were both off as we napped to recover all day long. i hope everyone had a great hallowe'en!