November 23, 2010

i put up our tiny white tree last night.
this photo is from last year but it more or less looks the same!
so today i woke up & read some twitter updates, finding out through my colleges twitter account that class was cancelled until 1 (my class was supposed to be from 10-12) because of the major gas leak that happened in the west end yesterday, class for me today. never though i'd find out through twitter (what is the world coming to?) today i plan on working on the knitting project that i will be sharing with y'all soon.

things i'm looking forward to:

* knitting all day

* work tonight (i ♥ h&m)

* baby-sitting georgia on friday

* pay day (also on friday)

* my two year blogiversary/giveaway (dec 11th)

* end of first semester (dec 17th)

* christmas!!!