December 14, 2010

( the ring )

this is my christmas present this year from mikey...i know we're about 10 days too early but my ring came in & i just could not wait to put it on my finger! i am oh-so in love with it ♥ isn't it gorgeous??? i think it has a very antique feel to it which i love.

today has been great so far! i took my last two tests for first semester & now i am done first semester & done school for 3 weeks...DONE!! FINITO!! DONEZO!! WAHOO!!!!!!!!!! (okay, i'm finished...) and when i came home i had 4 packages in the mail - 2 were christmas gifts for friends, 1 was a cute little paper elf, a button & some stickers from my good friend becky of strumpets crumpets & the other was from marjie of pianosaurus which included $ for me from her headband order but also this cute mug which you may recognize from one of my 'etsy faves' post a bit ago...
isn't she so sweet? she is destashing her store & remembered that i loved this mug so she sent it to me :) random acts of kindness are adorable (& so is this mug!) i'm making a cup of tea to put in it right now.
thankyou marjie. you're the sweetest!!

the rest of today will include tea, bon iver & knitting til my fingers fall off. i have gotten 4 orders in the past 24 hours which makes me very happy...these knitted headbands are doing really well & people are loving them which makes me smile.
ps: i should clarify here as i realize some may be taking that ring the wrong way & it's hard to tell which hand it's on. it's being worn on my right hand, not my left...we're definitely headed in that direction, just not quite yet ;)
& incase you're curious, i got him a projector. it's kind of cheeky getting someone something that you can benefit from/use as well but that's what he asked's amazing, watching movies in bed (better than a big screen t.v)