January 6, 2011

( sponsorship/giveaways )

hi guys!
i've decided to jump on the blog sponsorship bandwagon but not the usual way. i thought i'd take a page out of the littlest polly's book...i like the way that she decided to do things as everyone loves giveaways and i would love to host them on my blog.
all you have to do for your blog button to be displayed on mine each month is host a giveaway here at teacups & bubble baths. if you want your button to be displayed each month, you will need to host a giveaway each month. what you choose for the giveaway is up to you, it can be vintage, handmade, something you put together, just about anything...everyone loves free stuff, so the choice is up to you! it's a great way to get your etsy shop or blog name out there as i have just over 230 followers currently.
if you're interested in hosting a giveaway/having your blog button displayed on teacups & bubble baths, please email me at
(i realize i should have started this at the beginning of the month so my sponsorship 'months' will be a week off...)