January 17, 2011

( weekend + ikea trip )

this weekend was pretty great. friday mikey & i had a date night and got dinner at the old stone and watched 'town' which was pretty good (fell asleep for the end though i'm sure it was good too haha!) saturday night a bunch of us went to see this daft punk cover band and they were REALLY good. they all played instruments and it was a great dance party!
so yesterday my parents picked me up on their way home from the cottage (& my way home from work) and we went home-home for the night. i got to catch up on my greys anatomy & today my dad was kind enough to take me on a trip to ikea, here's (most of) what i got!

a new desk as elsa is buying my old (bigger) one off of me. this one will be a more appropriate size for my office.

blackout/greyout (?) curtain for the bedroom window

cute little 99 cent photo frames

a full length mirror for my office/wardrobe roomthis pretty pop-art print, it's pretty big & was only $12.99!

this rug, $9.99 :) amazing! also for my closet-room/office

this armchair for the sitting room, my parents bought this for an anniversary present for mikey&i (♥)
two of these clothing racks...again, for my closet/wardrobe/office room. i am SO freaking excited to have my own 'getting ready' room, it's going to be the cutest, eeeee!!
these side tables were only $9.99 so we got a brown & a white...
this mirrored cabinet for the bathroom...

shelf for above my desk...
some cutlery...

trash can for the bathroom (exciting, eh?)

a billy bookcase for mikeys vhs collection (more of it)

& a few other little things...some other frames, pink napkins, candles, pillows and that sort of stuff! it was such a fun trip, gosh i love that store...which is surprising as i'm such an antique/thrift lover...and the best part was that i ran into one of my lovely friends, miss julie or you may know her as the life of a cupcake it was a tease though as we haven't hungout in months and we want too so badly!! soon jujubes, xo.
tomorrow i have class. school is so much more appealing when you only have 3 days of it...*sigh* life is pretty wonderful right now. we gotta get our ass in gear though with moving...lots of packing this week & also picking up couches i found on kijiji. i love the pattern (love seat and big one person seat as shown in the photo) pretty great, right? okay i know some of you will think it's hideous but it's so up my alley!!
hope everyone had a lovely weekend too :)