March 15, 2011

( cuba - photos!! )

i'm sure i could put a little blurb underneath every photo but no one really cares about those bits anyways, it's the photos everyone wants to see, so here they are:

as you can probably tell, we had a GREAT think we were just getting home around this time last week is surreal, feels like it was just a dream & we were never really actually there :(

we enjoyed the sun, the beach, the pools, the drinks, the food, the coffee (omg, the coffee!), the company, the weather. we had lots of downtime; sleeping, relaxing, reading, lounging...everything was really perfect. i couldn't have asked for better travel companions or a better time. it was really great & i'm already saving for next year ;)

side note: these photos were not all taken from my camera, a good portion are bryans...and actually a little bit of everyones :)