March 28, 2011

( navajo )

navajo prints and native inspired prints and clothing/accessories are definitely one of the best trends out there right now. i can't get enough of it! mocassins, leather bags, pretty rings, colourful prints...amazing.

i love belts with pretty detailing; this one is great!

this sweater looks so cozy...and awesome!

this is also one of my fave etsy shops.

sure these shorts may be a little out there...but i think the feathers just make them super adorable and fun!!

mocassins (in my mind, anyway) go with everything. i'd love a white leather pair like these little guys...

if you're not swooning over this knapsack, your heart's not working properly!

the print on this skirt is amazing. i love the colours!

if you've been around with me for a bit on this blog, you'd know that i love love love navajo/native rings like this one. i have one similar with a green stone that my mum gave me, that i wear almost everyday! the detail is always so beautiful...
this is the best thing i've 'favourited' on etsy in the last couple of's incredible and i'd probably do just about anything to have it on my hand.

this skirt is so gorgeous, don't you love it??

are you loving or hating the navajo trend?