April 18, 2011

( currently obsessed with... )

home decor...

ever since i got those couches which made me like my living room that much more, i'm determined to make this house a home (ps: that is totally not my house in the photo)

this little cutie...oh gosh, she's adorable

(ps: do you believe that someone on my facebook commented with "it's funny now but he's going to die if you don't put him on a diet, then it won't be funny"...RUDE! annnnd deleted from my friends list, which then lead to a mass deleting of "friends")

my new mug; cutest.mug.ever.

everyone needs one of these, seriously. you can't have a bad day after a little bunny with a flower on it's head pops out of your morning coffee/tea to say hello :) the side of this mug says 'rise & shine' love it!

if you don't read her blog yet, you need to. i have the biggest girl crush on her and there is no hiding it! i'd like to say that we're like the same person ('cept she lives in utah) but that would be giving myself way too much credit, i am so not as cool as her. ugh, i love her...& yes, she knows (no this isn't creepy) okay, maybe a little.

this adorable note that was waiting for me in her cute-as-can-be apartment, when i went to visit julie last week!

kinda stressed out lately about a few things...ugh!! this week will be my last week of my first year of college; pretty crazy! i honestly feel like i've only been there a few months. a year truly flies right on by! i'm looking forward to being done & enjoying the summer. i have a job interview this wednesday so send some positive vibes my way about that as i desperately need a second job for the summer.

i really just want this week to be over now, please.