April 8, 2011

( last week & this weekend - julie!!! )

[ hello, hello ]

again i apologize for my absence/lack of posting this week...it was a busy one as i had a bunch of tests for school & a 6 page report & some assignments due. obviously i am so very thankful that this week is over! i did get some time in there for fun things though as well like...

+ dying my hair (yes, this is a 'fun thing' for me)

i actually used a natural black hair dye...which i never thought i'd do

+ hungout/had some beers with friends

mikey's sister andrea is back in town after travelling for 6 months so it's nice to have her home. she had lots of stories!!

+ making a yummy dinner & enjoying a night in with mikey

& this weekend i am looking forward to:

+ work tomorrow (yes, i love my job. weird, eh? you would too if you worked at H&M with awesome people!)

+ going to toronto to visit julie for sunday/monday

+ sleepovers (!!!)

+ shopping

+ getting a free haircut

[julie works at a salon and they needed someone for a class which means free haircut for me! which is perfect as it reaaaaally needs a trim; it's been over 6 months]

i'm really REALLY excited for hangouts with julie. she is one of my all-time favourite people ever & i love her to bits!! we're known each other for...hm, well since i was in grade 10 or 11 soooo quite a few years now (9?) anyway, she's one of the best people i have ever met and i can't wait to see her. she makes my heart smile ♥

here's some photos of us (not in order)

we'll obviously take a ton of photos this weekend & i'll be sure to share those too. also....jujubes, photobooth? um YES!