April 14, 2011

( thrifted things/bits of our home )

see this chair? it's part of a couch/chair set that i bought at value village last night & i am madly, madly in love with them both [ps: how cute is that cat?]

the colouring is fantastic (it's more golden than it looks in these photos) & it goes great in our living room as our floors are hardwood & it just matches perfectly. those tissue paper pom poms i bought on etsy from pom love for $13 & they are so fun. i believe they are supposed to be hung from the ceiling but we were having troubles with tacks in ours (not working) so mikey had the idea to pin them to the wall like this & i think they look even better this way! i want a hundred more!
& this...is the couch. are you dying a little bit inside? i know i did when i saw them! did i mention how in love with them i am?? i will need to find some pretty brown/golden pillows to match :)

this is just one of my favourite little corners in our house

[ click any of the photos to enlarge/see detail ]

i found these icecream salt & pepper shakers at an antique store awhile back & had to have them! i understand why people collect s&p shakers, there are SO many cute ones!

miss andy electric sitting in the window.

i LOVE our kitchen floors & pretty much cried when i saw them, haha...kidding, sort of. that gumball machine needs gumballs in it, i'm going later today to get some to fill it up!

she loves sitting here now that it's warm enough to have the windows open! there are so many big windows in this house, it's wonderful!! makes me miss our 12ft windows in the loft a little bit less.

hehe, sleepy girl.

i got this last night at value village (along with the couch/chair set) i love the pattern so much!! i'd love pillows in this pattern for the couch...

some of my favourite things in this photo. those tea/sugar/coffee canisters i got for $20 at an antique store, that peace sign candle i will never burn because it's too awesome, the new (to me) pot, the little owl my friend lianne got for me & the s&p shakers!

& more cute things i love! my hello kitty tea kettle & teddy bear/honeypot cookie jar...that i actually keep my vitamins in.

i bought these glasses at VV last night as well. i just loved the colours.

once i get all of the rooms in our place looking how i want them to, i will do a home tour for sure...but for now, you'll just have to wait (& see snippets here and there)

yesterday afternoon i went for beers and food with some friends & we ended up spending a good portion of the afternoon there. i was feeling fine all day until i got a migraine around 11pm, then my tummy started feeling really funny & i was feeling nauseous (side note: i've thrown up a total of maybe a dozen times in my entire life...not including when i was a baby/younger) i just don't get sick in that way hardly ever. anyway, around 12:30am i went into the living room, told mikey i wasn't feeling well then proceeded to the bathroom where well...you know. i went to bed & was woken up again with the feeling like i was going to be sick...annnd i was. all day today i have been feeling sick and yucky. we're thinking it was food poisoning from where i ate (which, will not stop me from eating there in the future) anyway, it was a really weird and it wasted my day today (which the weather has been glorious out!)

anyway, i'm looking forward to tomorrow as lianne & i are going to hit up some antique stores on the way to bobcaygeon, do some shopping & walking around & then go to my parents cottage for dinner, then head back home. richy (one of my bffs) is coming to visit this weekend too, we're having people over saturday night then going downtown for some karaoke ♥ i'm excited!!