May 10, 2011

( biking )

i love love love going for bike rides in the spring & summer and we've certainly been having the weather for it lately!

my bike is currently still at my old place though. it's tires are flat, which has prevented me from riding it home and therefore i haven't been for my first bike ride of the season yet...which makes me pretty sad.

what i would looove is one of these lovelies; a cruiser.

i currently have a supercycle that i've had since i was about 16. though it still works, i am definitely in the market for something cuter (shallow, i know) but c' can't resist these...

um, vintage upholstery? amazing!

i even have a really cute basket that my friend lianne bought me for my birthday last year. i think a part of me has been waiting for a shiny new (old) bike to put it on though.

i'm hoping this year my bicycle dreams come true. we have lots of great shops in town that sells bikes so my fingers are crossed!