June 14, 2011

( catch up...ketchup )

some photos from the flavour/nixon pop-up shop party on friday:

bry & elsa (lol!)


jess & elsa, gorgeous!

dahn, bry & benny

mike, me & el

mikey with paul (who i interned for at page design) and his (cutest!) baby elizabeth...party baby!

babefest, tracy!

ahhh, i love her little face!

weezy, el, andrea & lianne

we're fun.

probably the best photo of the night!

so ya, friday was a blast at flavour! i also just had a post completed with a TON of photos from my birthday party saturday night and it somehow deleted...it took me a long time so i'll post those another day soon!

in other news...amy thrifted the BEST dress i have seen in a looooong time while she was in portland (i NEED to go thrifting in portland. now....)

you're jealous right? ya, me too.

in other news, i'm kiiiiind of obsessed with drake's album. i know, where have i been for the last while? sometimes it takes me a bit to get into something...but i've been listening to the album since i got it from a friend and i kind of really love it. plus he's canadian...

i have the day off today which is nice. mikey & i are going to see bridesmaids (finally!) tonight so i'm looking forward to that. i also have a huge 'to do' list so i need to start checking things off of that today as well...and since it's after 12 already i better get my butt in gear!

ps: i got a second job (yay!) serving at a sports bar here in town. my first night is thursday and i'm nervous cause i've never served before but also excited for the same reason!!