June 22, 2011

( i love... )

these adorable nails...and pretty much everything else about this lady!
elizabeth of delightfully tacky's pretty candy coloured hair and lovely dress!

katie of skunkboy creatures super cute summer diy hair tutorial!

these pretty flower girl dresses made by rubyellen of cakies

i am really looking forward to a weekend away! i have today off, work tomorrow all day and then friday if it's crappy out, i'm getting more colour done on my owl side piece...if it's sunny out, i'll head up to the cottage early to spend some time outside, otherwise i'll be going up later that evening. this weekend my mum, dad, brother and his girlfriend are spending some time at the cottage and going to see the tragically hip on saturday in bobcaygeon (ya i know, hearing the song 'bobcaygeon' IN bobcaygeon will be pretty epic!) i'm reallllly looking forward to this weekend and fingers crossed that the weathermen are wrong-o about the rain!

side note: for those who care, my new serving job is going really well! i'm really loving everything about it, especially leaving at the end of the day with some cashola in my pocket :)