June 9, 2011

( i think i might be the luckiest girl! )

warning: i'm going to gush a little...okay, maybe a lot in this post...and you will probably be jealous of my birthday gifts. you've been warned!

so i was home for the past couple of days at my parents place and i had a really lovely time. we celebrated mine and my mums birthday the second night and lookie lookie!! my amazing parents bought me these gorgeous franco sarto boots that i saw when we were at a store in february and had a total crush on but was poor so i couldn't get them. well, they went back the next weekend as they saw how much i liked them and have been storing them away for my birthday (sneaky parents!)

aren't they beeee-you-ti-ful?? i am obsessed with the lacey doiley-like cutouts at the top!! annnd continuing on with amazing family...being the wonderful person he is, my brother kyle bought me this keurig coffee maker!!! the one i've been dreaming about...just kidding, but not really.

i can't WAIT to brew a cup...or twenty! so far my birthday week has been extra special :) i had a great time with my mum at the NKOTBSB show, they realllllly put on a wonderful show. they did a few mash-up type songs together and then they'd perform seperately for a few songs, then do one together, then a mash-up and so on. they have good dynamics together and you can tell they're having a good time! i know i definitely did. the next day (mums birthday) we spent the early afternoon shopping at marshalls and i bought a few cute pieces (which i'm sure you'll see pop up in outfit posts sometime soon) then i headed back home for the flavour event that happened last night, which was also super awesome!! everyone had a really great time :) i'll share photos when they are posted (i photographed for a few hours of the night) annnd tonight is my birthday party here, SO EXCITED!

and if all that exciting stuff wasn't enough...i woke up the other morning to a few texts and tweets from friends (isn't the internet wonderful?) informing me that i was the winner of the blowfish boots over at the dainty squid!!! OMG I KNOW! how often does one actually win giveaways? especially on huge blogs like that where there's hundreds of entries...well this is my second one this month! i'm on a lucky winning streak or something. or the universe knows that it's my birthday monday & is rewarding me for being...awesome? sure.

hope everyone else is having a good weekend too! i'm sure it's not quite as good as mine (hehe) buuuut i'm allowed to be a little selfish as i'm the birthday girl soon ;)