July 6, 2011

( blowfish booties )

remember how i won these cute blowfish booties from the dainty squid's giveaway? well, since the canadian postal service was on strike it took me a little bit to recieve them buuuut i got them yesterday and they are lovely! i danced all night last night in them and they're nothing short of perfection, i'm obsessed!

blowfish shoes are honestly the best, most comfortable shoes i've owned. i have a few other pairs including flats, wedges and booties and have always found that i never had to break in any of them. they are so comfortable and easy to wear...not getting blisters in a pair of shoes when you first wear them is a rarity so when i find shoes that don't, i stick by them!! i'm excited to style these up and show you guys! i wore a pretty cute outfit last night (if i do say so myself) but forgot to take photos. i don't think it will be a problem them as i plan on wearing these a ton!