July 19, 2011

( water marbled nails )

soooo...i follow a tumblr called fuckyeahprettynails which has a TON of nail art inspiration (for those of you who, like me, love to paint your nails...& love making them funky!) and lately i had been seeing a lot of this water marbled colour effect and loved it. i thought i'd youtube it to see just how hard it would be to do myself...well, i was pleasantly surprised at how easy it seemed so i thought i'd give it a go...

(click to enlarge to show detail...blogger just blurred the crap out of these photos)

it turns out it was not quite as easy as i thought as you have to be really quick so the nail polish doesn't harden in the water. anyway, not bad for my first try!

if you want to try it yourself, just search 'water marble nail art' & there is a bunch to choose from. next time i want to use more colours!