August 5, 2011

( bits of BC - mission hill winery tour )

i had never been on a wine tour before so this was a new experience for me. we headed to west bank, kelowna to mission hill (where aly works) for a tour and it was lovely. the grounds and buildings are gorgeous, the scenery...stunning...and the wine, absolutely delicious! it was a great day!!

in the car, on our way to mission hill vineyards

the five of us

see the 'steps' in the grass. they have shows here, wouldn't it be beautiful to see someone play here??

so beautiful...everywhere you look, mountains.

kate, aly & myself

& again. there's pretty much a photo-op everywhere since the scenery is so stunning!

me & aly

this milk glass chandelier stole a piece of my heart i'm pretty sure!

& in conclusion, i have a newfound appreciation for red wine, yum!! if you ever get a chance, try their pinot noir, it's my personal favourite.