August 9, 2011

( blowfish shoes )

it's no surprise to me that blowfish shoes is BLOWing (sorry i couldn't help myself...) up the blogosphere right now. since i got my first pair of blowfish booties when i was 17, i've always loved how comfy, unique and great they are. i currently have 3 pairs in my shoe collection that i wear often & always get nice compliments on them...people love blowfish shoes, they can't help it! i just wish that there were more canadian retailers that had retail stores in the city i live.

here are some that are on my wish list currently:

great, right?

& the #1 reason why i adore blowfish don't have to break them in. i've never once gotten a blister from a blowfish shoes...yes, they are that wonderful! well, blowfish shoes are one of my faves, who makes your favourite shoes?