September 2, 2011

( around the blogosphere )

laura from the violet bella blog has a gorgeous shop called roots & feathers, you can find pretty pieces like the one above there!

i'm sure you've seen elycia's new hair cause i mean, c'mon who doesn't follow her...but just incase you missed it, i had to share the prettiness!! i wish i had the *ahem* balls to dye my hair a fun colour before i die...i mean, get a 'career' job!

so, how great are these tights via solestruck? i know, gimme!!

elaine from glow in the dark soul is putting up new listings for fall. the maxi skirt above & the brown bag below are my favourites from red door vintage

trying out these cutesy nails later today (from maie dae) but with nude underneath and then the rainbow sparkle...or maybe gold sparkle...oooh, so many options!

alright, laundry time! i've put it off long enough...

by the way, do you guys like my 'around the blogosphere' posts? i'm trying to put together/think of some new weekly post ideas & i'm trying to feel out what posts people like best...if you have any ideas or feedback, i'd love to hear what you guys like/don't like about my blog!