September 30, 2011

a list of the little things

i easily find myself getting stressed or feeling overwhelmed. lately with school starting back up, having two jobs and other committments as well, i remind myself that i often put too much on my plate...which is how i've been feeling lately. i've never really found a way to manage my stress as often i find i just don't have the time to do the things i want to do to feel less stressed.

so i ask you,

what little things do you do to deal with stress & make life more manageable?

a few little things that have been keeping me going:

my friends, they are truly wonderful.

a phone call from my mum at the exact moment i needed to hear her voice & have her talk me down from my stress-induced panic attack

mikey...he's really, really great to me! i could go on and on about all of the little cutesy things he does...but i won't.

having things to look forward to like:

- the lumbermens first show next fri (mikey is the drummer)

- spending some time at the cottage next weekend (sun-mon)

- viamede resort in a few weekends with some amazing friends

- our hallowe'en party

& that's all just in the coming month. i told you i'm looking forward to october. okay, well...that little list has already made me feel better, i clearly just needed to remind myself how great life truly is......& we can't forget that tomorrow is the beginning of the:

i'd be lying if i said i wasn't excited for that!!