September 19, 2011

( treating myself )

so today i treated myself and went and got my nails done. it's this 'new thang' called shellac. it's basically just a hardened nail polish that they put over your own part about it, it lasts for 3 weeks and your nail polish doesn't chip like it normally would! i'm pretty stoked. as much as i looove painting my nails, lately i haven't had time to paint them (or rather, as often as i'd like to...i get really anal about chipping polish...i get it from my mum!) so this will be perfect! i didn't realize until i got home that the colour i chose is the same as one of my davids tea mugs. i chose charcoal grey as i think it's a perfect neutral...i didn't want to choose anything i'd get sick of after a week since it lasts for three.

i also bought a few more things...some pretty under things from aerie (everything in that store is floral and lace and soft pretty colours! i love it) & yummy autumn candles from bath & body works. they have their fall line out right now and so i picked up creamy pumpkin and kitchen spice. i have this one burning right now and it is making our home smell so delicious and autumny!

i love this photo of mikey & i taken last december. speaking of my handsome mister, he's currently getting tattooed as we,, read? anyways! his first sleeve is done & now he's moving onto his other arm. i will post photos at some point; i love what he's getting!

today was nice. even though i spent more money then i probably should have, it's necessary sometimes don't you think? i don't do it all the time and it makes me feel good! plus i'm working a TON, so i think i deserve it :)