October 28, 2011

dear friends

this is one of my dearest friends, lianne

we met about 4 years ago when i moved to peterborough and over the past 4 years she has become one of my absolute favourite people ever. she probably has one of the biggest hearts i've ever come across in my lifetime. she will and has dropped everything to be there for me, on numerous occasions. we laugh together, cry together, do absolutely nothing together and this is why it breaks my heart to say that she is moving to halifax.

strong friendships are a rare and amazing thing. i've always been someone who has a large group of friends but within those groups there's always a few special people who you just really connect with in a different way. lianne is one of those people for me...

she's leaving in the next 3 weeks and there is not one single part of me that wants to say goodbye to her when that day comes.

please don't leave...