October 19, 2011

halloween costumers: over the years

last year i was betty boop...basically i bought this dress on etsy for $25 & therefore had to make an excuse to wear it...in walks betty boop

one year i was a ballerina...this was for bryans birthday/costume party in march though, not halloween, but it's still a costume so i wanted to post it anyway!

this was also for a costume party, on my birthday (apparently we have a lot of them here) me, megg & katelyn were b-girls. these costumes were fun!

a few years ago, i was hello kitty! obviously this is one of my favourites, plus my costume was almost entirely handmade by yours truly

this was quite a few years ago when i was still living in pickering. me & julie from the life of a cupcake. she was minnie mouse (duh!) i was sally from nightmare before christmas, another handmade costume of mine!

& this one...oh boy, i'm (almost) embarassed to post this photo! this was from when i was in university, this is several years ago!!! i was a harajuku girl with a friend melissa. i was also wearing hello kitty underwear, ya know, to go with the theme!!

as for this year, i have my costume all ready, you'll just have to wait to find out!