October 13, 2011

thanksgiving weekend: from one lake to another

thanksgiving weekend was spent up at my parents place for sunday & monday. we had a nice beef roast dinner/stew, played board games, lots of drinks & even jello shooters, haha. it was lovely spending time at the lake with my parents & mikey! also, it was summer-like weather so it was absolutely gorgeous to sit outside & enjoy the sun.

& here are some photos i took at mikey's mums place. if you're a long time reader, you would have heard me talk about the marina? well, this is it! they've done some amazzzzing renos lately, it looks absolutely beautiful!

this is part of the 'outside' this used to be a dance hall in the 194o's, below is a photo looking out from the door you see in the left on this photo (above)

pretty neat, eh? inside this dance hall part is all sorts of antique cars & boats & other fun things. terry is an antique collector so there is always something new (old) to look at! i love spending time here.

[no photos were edited in the process of this blog post]