November 30, 2011

blogger meet up: peterborough

from left to right: caren from a blog about the little things: tea & chickadees, des of so fawned, me from...well here, jen (or lucky) from lucky jackson, mel from needle & nest design, elycia of love elycia and astrid from a girl named astrid all we were missing was chantilly from my girl thursday but today was her move in day to her new home. side note: we were all freezing our *ahem* balls off in this photo, we thought outside photos would be cool...rather just cold...& windy.

astrids lovely mum was holding a show called foundling in the peterborough art gallery and her exhibit was just filled to the brim with vintage goodness. there will be about a thousand more photos, literally...probably close to a thousand were taken (digital, film, polaroid, instragram, ALL sorts!) so there will be plenty more photos soon, in the meantime here's some 'behind the scenes' ones i took from elycia & des' instagrams.

it was such a fun day, i didn't want it to end! we have a pretty awesome little group of bloggers here in peterborough and i definitely want to spend more time with these lovely ladies...oh & elycia, you must move to peterboroooough!!