November 10, 2011

little things you may not know about me

i was born on a friday the 13th (yes that means they're lucky for me!)

i am a server in a sports bar. i know what you're thinking...& no i'm not a sporty person, at all

i follow more baby/family blogs than i do any other...i am so excited for the day that i am a wife & mama (no rush though!)

i enjoy brushing my teeth with warm water...i might be alone in this and that's okay

my favourite movie is and probably always will be, the little mermaid

i am incredibly emotional. i cry more than anyone i know...happy cry, sad cry, cry for no reason at all happens, lol

i have an amazing older brother. he's one of my favourite people on the planet

i've only had a tan once in my entire life. true story. last happened

most of the music i listen to is stuff i listened to in high school, there are hardly any new bands or artists that i truly love

now it's your a post like this and send me a link in the comments, it's kind of a lot of fun!!