November 8, 2011

this weeks etsy faves + an update

this beautiful lace dress....amazing!!

i love stacking rings and these super simple ones from elephantine are adorable!

i want this oversized knit sweater in my life!

& this amazing blouse/shirt dress...too bad it's sold :(

this adorable letterpress calendar from 1canoe2

this gorgeous crushed velvet dress (i've been crushing out on crushed velvet lately...big time!)

this amazing necklace from moorea seal

this houndstooth cape from this lovely shop: anna karinas closet

i haven't been around the blogosphere much has really taken a toll on me...just a lot of work, even when i'm not in class i'm usually at the school working on something. i also have some pretty big news (well, it's big news in my world) i gave in my 2 weeks notice last week to H&M. i have been offered a part-time position at the amazing place i did my internship for school last year and i'm so very excited about the opportunity! i've worked in retail for almost a decade and as much as i love it (i have always had fantastic co-workers, i love helping people put together outfits and give my opinion on what they're trying on and i also [sometimes] love the hustle & bustle and craziness that retail sometimes entails) i'm also very excited to be moving onto something new and something that i consider to be more 'in my field' in terms of what i'm taking in school. so things are going well! busy but really really good. also, as a side note: i am still keeping my serving job, as well.

this weekend i am going to toronto with a bunch of friends to see fu manchu. we're staying overnight in a hotel & it's going to be a lot of fun! so i'm really looking forward to that :) sunday is the kick off meeting for the holidays at H&M and even though i won't be there after next week, they still wanted me to come which was nice!

i hope everyone is doing well! i apologize for not being around much, sometimes life takes over and things get a little hectic, but i love you!