December 21, 2011

christmas time!

mikey bought me a tripod for christmas and this mirror flash accessory from photojojo (which by the way is amazing. i've never ever been a fan of the flash due to how unnatural it is but this makes photos look lovely - as shown above!) anyway, so we played around a little with it after opening gifts on monday night. i'm heading home to my parents place on friday and between his work & other things we had going on, monday was the only day we could do it. anyway, he spoiled me rotten. a tripod (no more mirror outfit photos you guys! are you excited?) the flash accessory, an obey top i had been lusting after, a hello kitty cookie jar and a 1hr massage from a spa, which i will be enjoying tomorrow at 4:30, wahoo!

i can't wait to go home for christmas! since i'm not working retail anymore (first time in about 10 years) i actually get to spend a lot more time at home as i don't have to rush back for boxing day. so i'm heading home from the 23rd to the 28th and there's lots of things happening in between. i'm super excited to see both my family & my friends from home that i don't get to see nearly as often as i'd like!