December 1, 2011

flavour/plush holiday catalogue

my boyfriend mikey (& really the majority of my friends here) work at a great local shop called flavour fashion. every year they put out a wonderful holiday catalogue that showcases the 3 stores and features all of the employees as the models...yup, they're a good lookin' bunch. if you're new around here my mister is the handsome bearded one ;) but you're probably recognize everyone else from previous photos on my blog.

mikey & jess

top: bryan (mikey's brother) & jess (bryans gf)
bottom: mikey

these ones were taken in our apartment, upstairs in the loft

top: tracy & elliott, middle: elsa, bottom: eric, lianne & jess

hannah & mikey

kirk & katie

i fully recommend clicking here to view the full catalogue (online) or just to see the photos larger (& better quality) these photos were just a few of my favourites; it's absolutely stunning!!