December 13, 2011

hi friends!

i'm back with another edition of around the blogosphere. usually there's some sort of theme, this one is 100% completely random, which is fun too right?! enjoy.

ahhh, from lolcats...this is so cute! i momentarily forgot how much i love lol cats and how happy they make me!

look at this cute kitty-human props. i don't know where mikey found it but it's so darn cute.

i want to try these pretty snowflake nails from fuckyeahprettynails i've talked about this tumblr on here before but it's seriously the best!

errr, wait sorry...carlovely's tumblr is the best (for overall inspiration + fun) and the nails one is really just good for...well, nails. anyway, isn't this trippy?

this girl...always making me want to dye my hair some fun crazy awesome colour!

i love these embroidery wrapped letters i've been seeing all around the blogosphere. this one was made into a cute wreath from bleubird vintage

& one more nail photo from the same tumblr as above, just for good measure. these look like a super awesome christmas sweater!

i wish it wasn't super mild around here so that i could start feeling the christmasy spirit! today i could have worn my spring jacket. global warming is all up in ontarios biz-nass lately! once the sun goes down though it does get mighty cold!

what's the weather doing where you are?