December 16, 2011

smitten for knittin'

so i used to knit quite a bit (...that rhymed, lol) my gramma taught me when i was super young & when i did mikey said 'smitten for knittin' one day & i thought it was rather cute. if i were to get really awesome at knitting, that's what i'd name my shop, for sure. anyway, i hadn't knit in quite a long time and then i saw some tweets between des & iris and it got me thinkin'- why aren't i knittin (...i can't stop rhyming...) so i started again and in one night i knit a whole tunnel scarf, i was pretty proud!

i can only do the one stitch though...the basic one...i don't even know what it's called...but what i'd really like to learn is to make fun stuff like these:

this i could totally do! just a basic tunnel scarf but adding a bit of edge by sewing in a zipper, so neat! (from here)

i own a bunch of slouchy toques already...but i'd really love to learn how to make them! (from here)

i'd also love to learn how to cable's such a pretty knit & i could make cute legwarmers like these ones. i'd swap out the slippers for some cute boots though! (from here)

i also think it'd be satisfying to knit all your own socks (from here)

& then, when i get REALLY good, i'll be able to crochet something like this...oh ya, i want to learn to crochet as well! (found here)

so i just came across these...the teeny tiniest cutest earrings i have ever, ever seen!! ack!! aren't they adorable?? (found here)

the moral of this story is 1) i'm joining a knitting group here in town, 2) knitting helps me relax & also stops me snacking when i'm watching tv/movies, 3) knitting is awesome & i want to get good at it! ya...get good!

side note: did you enter the roots & feathers giveaway yet? it's super easy to enter! click here to win a pair of pretty earrings!