December 20, 2011

sponsor miss teacups in january

are you interested in sponsoring the miss teacups blog for january?

if so, here's the deal...if you've been around for awhile then this will be old hat, if you're new here's the details...

i run sponsorships a little differently around here (cost free) whether you have an etsy shop or blog, here's how you can be a sponsor:

host a giveaway

...yup, it's that easy!

(this can be an item from your shop or just something you'd think my readers would like to win, put together by you)

*this is a good way to promote your etsy shop or just get more readers on their way over to your blog/twitter, etc. if you have an item you'd like to send me from your etsy shop, i would be happy to style it in an outfit post and/or do a review of your product/shop*

here's some stats for those who like numbers:
i currently range anywhere from 150-300 views per day (with a high of up to 500, usually when giveaways are taking place) last month i had over 6,500+ visits to my blog. i have a wide range of readers/visitors from all over the world

if you're interested in ad swapping, let me know. i'm down with that too.
send me an email to & let's chat more!