December 9, 2011

a very blowfish christmas

alright you guys, it's no secret...i love shoes. a lot, a lot a lot. i love boots, flats, booties, wedges, heels (even though they don't necessarily love me) i love cowboy boots, clogs, biker boots, cutesy flats, lied, i don't really like running shoes all that much, at all.

anyway, my point is: I LOVE SHOES!

here are some of my favourite blowfish shoes, i wouldn't be too mad if any of these showed up under the christmas tree:

oh & the backpacks...amazing! not shoes, i know but SO good, i couldn't leave them out!

oh & blowfish is having amazing sales right now (12 days of gifts) amazing, plus most of their stock is marked down already! i know, it doesn't get much better than that...

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