January 14, 2012

being original in blog world

in a world full of people where everything has seemingly already 'been done' it's hard to be original. i feel like people place too much time and effort on being original though...really, i mean if you have to try to be a certain way than you really aren't being original at all. originality is about becoming the person you want to be, whether that's completely out there and different or similar to someone you know, it's who you are.

a few weeks ago my friend and i were talking about blogging and she said (in a mocking voice) something along the lines of "this is what i'm wearing, this is my cute boyfriend and our great cat, this is the vintage i found this week, this is something i made" (etc) at first i was slightly offended because yes, that is extremely typical of the blogs i follow and blogs i really like...but then i realize, that it's BECAUSE we have those similarities that we follow each others blogs and want to be a part of that community because we share similar interests. we blog about things we love and guess what, some of those things are the exact same as someone else...and that's okay. if we didn't all share similar interests than we probably wouldn't be a part of this amazing community, right?

i know that being original in blog land can be hard because it seems like there's always someone out there who has already done something similar or they are feeling the same way about something and so originality and blogging is a big topic and one that most bloggers have written about because they feel like they're not being original when they post something that is similar to someone else. i think it's okay though and in many ways is what connects us to each other.

instead of worrying about being original and having fresh 'new' content, we should worry about whether or not we are blogging and writing that post for the right reason. is it something you truly care about? was it a fun post for you to write? then that should be all that matters.

thoughts? comments? i'd love to hear what you think about this matter.