January 24, 2012

what makes my ears happy

as i was listening to my music while working from home, i realized that i never really talk about or mention music much on my little blog. well, i thought maybe it's about time, cause i love music (who doesn't?) & maybe i can lend you a new favourite band...only lend though, you can't have them for keeps ;)

so i've thought of a top 10 list...of my favourite bands or singers, here we go:
#1) incubus
i have loved them for many many years. my brother listened to them so i was introduced at an early age...i've seen them several times in concert. they will always be my numero uno, no matter what

#2) bon iver
every since i heard skinny love, i've been obsessed. their album 'for emma, forever ago' is one of my favourite albums of all time. forever.

#3) death cab for cutie
another band i've loved since day one pretty much. i've seen in concert a bunch of times as well, they put on such a great show. i know i liked them when i was 'emo' but shit, their music is really friggin' good...i'll always love them, even though i'm happy now ;)

#4) explosions in the sky
this band is completely instrumental which makes them completely magical because you can be happy, sad, depressed, excited, stressed, doesn't matter...you can listen to the song and make it whatever you want it to be. i love instrumental for that reason. if you haven't listed to them, please check them out!

#5) the postal service
another i've loved for many years. their music is so happy & upbeat, i love it. i am DYING to see them in concert...hopefully one day.

#6) the spill canvas
alright so most music is stuff i've loved for a really long time, there aren't many new bands that have impressed me as much as the ones i've loved for years. spill canvas has always just been super nostalgic for me, i have a lot of happy memories with these songs.

#7) dashboard confessional
so now it's no secret i was an emo kid. haha, i don't even care...i have no shame. dashboard is great. i still listen to them often. love them, always.

#8) something corporate
so i was that kid that went to warped tour every year in high school and went to concerts in toronto ALL the time...i've seen them a bunch too, again, i still really really love their music. brings back so many good memories from high school.

#9) the national
i love a lot of slower music that could be mistaken for 'sad' music, but i really just think it depends on how you're feeling at that given moment. the national are so wonderful. give them a listen if you aren't familiar with them.

#10) snow patrol
yet another oldie. i listen to their albums all the time still though.

as you can tell, my music taste hasn't changed too much in the last...8 or so years (10 even, in some cases) there's some more bands and singers i wanted to share though that may not have made the top 10, but that i still adore:

boards of canada
no words...they are so good. they'd be #11 if it was a top 11 list

ellie goulding
i love this girl. i think she's brilliant.

girl talk
instant dance party

junior boys
so happy and make me feel instantly great

kate nash
such a lovely voice...she's great

mariah carey (guilty!)
yup, i went there...

the russian futurist
more happy music!! matt hart is wonderful!

oh god, her music does things to me i didn't think possible

more dance partying!

the streets
i think they're so original and just great...original pirate material is my fave album of theirs

sufjan stevens
definitely could be in my top 10...i love his music with a passion

taking back sunday
i still listen to them quite often and love love love their music!

tokyo police club
feel good music, for sure!

& a more recent instant fave:
please check them out, they're unreal!!