February 7, 2012

around the blogosphere

kate from wake up lovely wrote a great response to the viral article called 'why put a bumper sticker on a ferrari' regarding women with tattoos. i certainly have my own response on this topic but i feel reading kate's or danielle's sums up my response as well.

elizabeth from please note paper made this adorable free printable valentine. isn't it adorable??

these gals are always great at showing you ways to mix up your outfits to utilize your closet! layering is key.

julie from orchid grey features 3 pretty hair styles on the modcloth blog
sidenote: julie has the best & most enviable hair...probably on the planet

elizabeth from delightfully tacky teaches you how to DIY your own polka dot print

astrid got some fun new hair!! i'm so envious of the turquoise, how pretty! i want my whole head this colour.

elycia & kaylah both posted their colourful outfit posts (aren't all of their outfits amazingly colourful?) today on their blogs. i've already met elycia in real life (yes she's wonderful!) but i'd love to meet kaylah as well...i feel they'd get me out of my 'colour rut' in a hurry!

did you find something awesome on the interwebs this week?
share it with me in the comments below :)