February 8, 2012

dear february, i think i love you...

february is a good month, a really good month...great even!
want to know why? well, i'll tell you!
february is the month of valentines day (i love !)
february is also the month mikey & i celebrate our anniversary (4 years on the 16th)
february is also the month that family day occurs which means spending a long weekend at the cottage with my lovely parents, brother & his fiance for ultimate famjam time!
february is also the month that mikey & i vacation (!!!!) this year we are going back to cuba because we loved the varadero beaches oh-so much...so on the 27th to the 5th of march we'll be sitting on this here beach...*sigh* i can't friggin' WAIT!
also so far, the weather in february has been pretty ideal!
AND my bestie lianne is coming home for a week on tuesday from halifax !!!!

ps: mikey is currently texting me photos of miss andy electric from the other room, i love him dearly.