February 15, 2012


mikey & i are not big valentines day people...but we do love showing love for each other so valentines isn't a big deal for us but it's still a nice time. i had this card waiting for me when i got home (super cute!)

and i had to work for a few hours that night but when i got home he was holding those roses out for me...and what girl doesn't love roses?

and guess what? i even got him to watch the notebook with me...i know!! i think he only liked the movie because it's shot in the 40's and because ryan gosling was biting his style (newspaper boy hat, white tee and pants) but still! it was a lovely little night (except for the part where i cried my eyes out...at the notebook of course!) and tomorrow we are going for a nice dinner at our favourite greek restaurant for our 4 year anniversary...more mushiness to follow for that blog post ;)

how was your valentines day, did you do anything for it?