March 24, 2012

around the blogosphere

the honestly wtf blog is great for DIYs. i bought some beads at fabric land yesterday so i'm going to make a hundred of these today...DIY beaded bracelet found here

i know i have posted about this girl before but dammit, her style is just so spot on. i love it!

i saw this on someone's tumblr (i cannot remember whose) and i just love it. mikey & i are both haters (but we're nice people, i swear) and so i thought this was cute/funny

um so i'd just like to talk about amber for a second. if you don't read her blog yet, i love you to the moon, can you just go check it out (watch at least one vlog) then come back & we'll chat...

you're back? okay, sweet. so...first of all, how freaking cute is she? i know...girl crush...big time. second of all, she's a real person. i know what you're thinking 'no duh!' but seriously, she blogs about real things not just pretty things or about how awesome her life is, etc...she talks about real emotions and feelings and i also just find her really interesting. there's a lot of blogs out there that never touch on serious subjects or if they're feeling down so i really appreciate those real, genuine ones that do. amber, you're awesome! (have i freaked you out yet?)

i love love love everything about the blog heart handmade, such pretty photos all the damn time. she just posted photos of her craft room and naturally, they are adorable. come to think of it, my craft room/office has similar pale colours, perhaps sub consciously i was inspired and didn't even know it!

& this is not from around the blogosphere but mikey got that old booth app on his iphone and can we just laugh about this photo for a second?
hahaha wouldn't it be funny if cats aged like people? i know, i'm weirded out too.

anywho, going to a costume party tonight for bryan's birthday (mikey's bro) he has a costume party every year for his birthday which i love because dressing up is so much fun and shouldn't be restricted to just hallowe'en!

have a good weekend everyone :)