March 14, 2012

cuba part three: party time

so this one time we (by we i mean me) got really drunk off red wine & went into town with some new friends we met at the resort. we ended up at a club in downtown was a really neat place. $10 for all-you-can drink & it was roof-less so we were basically outside!

& the day after...needless to say, i was not feeling so hot...
this was the only night we really 'went hard' so to i said, i was drinking red wine and had quuuuite a few glasses with dinner & then at the club (it was basically free!) plus i smoked (almost) an entire pack of menthol ciggies (& no, i'm not a smoker by any means) but it was $1.20 for a pack haha...and they're delicious! anyways, it was a really fun night and the photos are a pretty good depiction of the night i think! like how awesome is that first photo...i have about 5 different faces & 10 different arms!