March 17, 2012

etsy faves: st. patrick's day edition

i've never been a huge fan of st.patrick's day...i mean other than in university when my only thought was "sweet, i can wake up at 8am and start drinking and it be acceptable? i'm in!" other than that, i've kind of disregarded the whole drinking notion (that's what st.patty's day is about right?) and done my own thing. however, green has quickly become one of my favourite colours and though i don't have much of it in my wardrobe, i do think there are so many gorgeous shades of it! here are some pretties i found on etsy...

i would love to write letters on this pretty 1930's typewriter

such a lovely bangle set with just a hint of green

this romper is SO adorable!

this green pillowcase would make an awesome addition to my collection

alright so the only day i'd ever wear this dress is st.patty's but it's pretty darn cute eh?

i love me some pyrex and this dish is super cute!

this mint green night gown is absolutely gorgeous

do you have any st.patrick's day plans? i'm spending the day at ikea with a friend (SO excited!!!) and then my night working at the bar...which i'm sure is going to be PACKED! patio season has arrived guys...we have been getting insanely awesome weather here lately and i am ALL over it!!

happy st.patrick's day!