March 28, 2012

glittery things

i don't know many girls who don't enjoy a little for me, i enjoy it a LOT! sparkly nail polishes are one of my favourite things ever...yep, ever

my new favourite glitter polish is essie's 'shine of the times' it's so so so iridescent and pretty, i love it! the little glitter flakes are all different sizes too so the texture is really great! it's kind of hard to tell as i put mine over a nude polish so here's another photo taken from this blog i can't wait to try this glitter over darker polishes

isn't it lovely? nail polish fans unite!

also...who else absolutely despises taking off glitter polish? why haven't they figured out how to make it easier?! (white girl someone please tell me there is a super easy to remove glitter polish remover that is some big secret that i just don't know about yet....please...