April 11, 2012

around the blogosphere: these bloggers have something to say.

♥ colby is awesome. here's one reason
it makes sense, doesn't it?

♥ kaelah posted this post a few weeks back.
do it!
i also always love kaelah's 'honest to blog' posts too...

♥ moorea wrote this amazing post today and covered so much. all i can say is that i feel the.exact.same.way...her & i had a similar conversation recently actually about people being a certain way on the internet, for whatever reason. what's the point? be yourself.

♥ i loved danielle's post today on not being so critical of ourselves, preach it sista!

also, the winner of the moorea seal arrowhead ring is the darling ewe, congrats! send me an email at dear.love@live.ca to claim in your prize. lucky girl!